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Friday, November 17, 2006

Thinking and doing... right and wrong

It was nothing more or less than a common chat about relationships, sex, men and women, everyday or eternal questionmarks over our existence.

Having a dinner with 3 women -and being the only man around the table- could never be indifferent or boring. It's nonetheless an opportunity to sneak into a girl-talk, like the ones you have always wanted to know what it's all about. Well, of course it couldn't be the same, as women have kept and always will keep their secret girl-thoughts inbetween their firmly closed girl-circle. Anyway, I tried to make them speak as free as possible...

As a matter of fact, they made the start... like this: "OK, so we have a man in our company... let's question him...". Of course... I didn't have the slightest problem and knew it would be entertaining as hell. hehe!

I exposed quite a big part of my beliefs about women, relationships etc, naturally shocking with some and impressing with others. Unavoidably, there were various responses. As the girls said their part, I started wondering... Who determines right or wrong on these things? Who the heck imposes those established ideas we all read in magazines or watch on tv?

No matter how proggressive or even provocatively immoral modern press wants to be, after loads and loads of descriptions of wild night clubs, sex adventures and one night stands, there is always a corner that will recognise that the serious, sensible and admirable man is the faithfull one, the one that seeks serious relationships and gives his all to his beloved girlfriend. Meaning... "live your life, be wild and party relentlessly, but know that you are doing the wrong thing". But, wait a sec... steadiness, crystal-clear explanations, safety... isn't this what most women say they want?

Steady relationships and faithfullness is the "right" thing. Reckless adventures and one night stands is the "wrong thing". Well, no. It's all a matter of mutual consent. When both aggree, there can't be a problem. And it's at least hypocritical to face yourself and claim that you wouldn't sleep with one you actually liked, if not sure that this would go steady.

This world conspiracy has one target: to cover the needs of people who seek safety nets in their lives, who dare not risk their tranquillity, and even those who can't sort things out by themselves. Women are most likely to fit in this picture...

I would never try and define what is right or wrong. I've also made relationships, quite long ones. It's what you want in your life for the time being. All that matters is that you don't fool and hurt the others by pretending things you are not or actually do not want.

What are we afraid of? Reality? Yes, indeed. We rarely ask ourselves "what do I want?". And even rarer are the times we actually dare to answer sincerely... I reckon life would be a lot more beautiful and exciting if we could follow our true wishes, our inner passions.

At the end of the day... whatever you choose to do, do it well.


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