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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"186 h, 31 min"

23 October 2007. Exactly one year after. Life sometimes plays amazing games of irony, dancing among numbers, dates, events and strange coincidences. In a way, this helps things stick with your memory. I’ll take it, it’s easier that way.

Like the prophet foretold… everything came to an end 365 days after that Monday, 23rd October 2006. I couldn’t have known at that time, but let’s say it was a lucky guess… or a coarse exploitation of a coincidence, just in order to make some fuss about.

So, time for the sum up, isn’t it? It would be maybe smarter to wait a bit, to see the actual results of this exhausting effort and then write about its success or failure being on the safe side of certain knowledge, but I’d probably call it “convenient” rather than “smart”. The point is to be able to make the judgment before the result, to judge the effort itself, not doing favours or condemning by hate, anger or ignorance.

As I was walking to the door this light outside seemed brighter than it has ever been for the past 6 years. That moment was magnificent, absolutely stunning and without precedent, no doubt. Honestly, half a year ago I couldn’t even imagine how this would actually feel. I don’t feel extra terrestrial or something… just incredibly relieved. Ready to enjoy whatever I choose to enjoy. People, leisure, sports, fun whatever. But most important… regain this lost mentality, this so long typical passion for new experiences and adventures of mine that was day by day being buried under those depressing and monotonous circumstances. My biggest fear, of losing this, is already starting to fade out and I’m so very glad for it.

During those last months there was a lot to discuss, think and chat about, but no time to write too. Sometimes being aside, out of the heat of the action, is better. You choose the people you really want to be with, get rid of all those unctuous humans whose hatred and spite sparkle through their eyes every time they see you succeed. Screw them, they won’t be the heroes in this page, though. But… let’s leave it there for the time being. There’s plenty of time from now on, to think and write about anything other than this special day.

The question comes from a year behind… The answer is here, now. Was it the very best I could do? Did I get everything out of my Potential? “You’re goddamn right I did, soldier”… or “absofuckingloutely”, as Colonel Jessep or Big would’ve said. Maybe this is why everything seems in place and calm. No regrets, nothing to look back at. Don’t know the final outcome yet and, actually, it won’t tell nothing more about the effort I already know was put into this.

Was it worth it? Too soon to tell.

D-Day… yet to come.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Press Release

Σε όλο το κοινό μου (δηλαδή στον εαυτό μου) που με αγωνία περιμένει το επόμενο post μου, έχω να δηλώσω ότι η σωτήρια αυτή μέρα θα είναι μεταξύ 22 και 23ης Οκτωβρίου, δηλαδή την ερχόμενη Δευτέρα-Τρίτη. Ως τότε... wish me luck! ;-)